Bite Marks, Rabbit Stews/Aural Stews

Mancunian photographer/all-round-good-guy Gareth Hacking got in touch to point out that, after discovering a flurry of pop star/cookery cross-over projects (see post and subsequent comments), the joker in the pack has been found in the form of Luke Haines, skewed pop star extraordinaire.

Luke describes the making of his rabbit stew thusly:

“If you we’re making this stew for Hawkwind (underrated), as opposed to just grooving to Hawkwind whilst you heat shit up, then it would be better if you used magic mushrooms.

Cooking for rock stars is a theme restaurant waiting to happen. Read the rest here.

How, then, do Bite Marks fit into all of this? More adroitly than you may think, assuming stews are your starting point. For Bite Marks‘ sound is a stew, or a brew, or – indeed – a mélange; the result of hours of steeping and filtering.

Swarm clings and sloshes like a daytime drunk having too blissful a time to care about his appearance. It’s a song that shoves drowsy skank into drone-pop, angsty, dreamy and distant.

It must be hard to write songs that really do preclude easy description, but Bite Marks has almost pulled it off. If this is what happens when you absorb too many diverse sounds, and then try to squeeze them into one being, then we will all be better off.


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