Warm Brains: Every Second Counts

Music creation is part-process, part innate skill, and then part implementation of  a well-worn set of rules.

But what about band creation? Warm Brains are what happens when one band implodes (the briefly-existent Test Icicles) and something lovely finally crawls from the wreckage.

Secondary bands borne this way are sometimes (though not always – hello, Wings) more interesting than the band that spawned them.

Rory of Warm Brains follows the framework set out above to create his music, and I imagine the gap between Band #1 and Band #2 has resulted in improvement in all three areas.


Stone to Sand to Glass is so drenched in reverb that the song rather oozes from the speakers. It’s a song that sounds like it has only truly existed for the moment in which it was recorded, and was a result of different sound waves serendipitously converging at the right time.

Flowery prose? We got it – and Warm Brains have got the sounds to wobble your thoughts at their bidding.

MORE: soundcloud.com/warmbrains

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