Rough Fields – Drowned In Feathers

Associating ‘visceral’ with ‘abrupt’ is one of humanity’s great Common Artistic Errors.

We do it all the time: want your leather ‘n’ sweat rock music to pop out of the speakers? Make the choruses LOUD and the verses quiet.

The desired effect is achieved in kind, but in a different way to that expected.

And what if you edited out all but the soft bits? What if your songs were without any aural-shock-value whatsoever?

Rough Fields took this concept as a starting point and, with Abu Dhabi, smoothed the edges until what remained is a song so stiflingly soft that each listen is akin to being drowned in feathers.

Rough Fields // Abu Dhabi

Imagine every painting you have ever loved being recreated in wet watercolours, or your favourite suit lined with cotton wool, and you’re close to the feeling of blurry, blissful confusion that permeates Rough Fields‘ blunt and sodden songs.

Abu Dhabi is dense. It’s also madly warm and almost too rich. Almost, but not quite. The most beautiful white noise you’ll hear all month. Fabulous.


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