Rollor Vs Justin Bieber Vs God

Does pop music have a theoretical time limit, like the universe itself? Or when the Big Crush occurs, will Justin Bieber rocket beyond the edge, right up God’s bracket: humanity’s final sick joke echoing forever in his ears?

By stripping the entire concept of rock bare, and thrusting the basic elements right under your nose, Rollor combine their contempt for the overblown with out-and-out value for money: Jekyll Island is damn-near ten minutes long.

Ten minutes is a long time in the world of disposable pop (and remember: all pop is truly fire-and-forget-disposable now), and yet the urgent cut-‘n’-thrust of Jekyll Island provides reason to clutch your attention tightly.

Locking into the loop of a seemingly endless house classic is as easy as falling off a log, and the bassy talons of Rollor‘s crypto-spazz-rock ecourages similar results.

Oh, and they sound a bit like Big Black without the dripping hate, which is probably a better deal all round, assuming you’re one of life’s happier souls. Great stuff.


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