Poland: Plentiful, Simple, Niche

Perhaps the question today is no longer Why are you making music, but, Why aren’t you?

Think: the computer you’re reading this on will have a rudimentary sound editing program powerful enough to snip sounds from God’s Sample Crate – AKA Youtube – and quickly form a song of your own making.

Sure, the results won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but who do you want to be, Bon Jovi?

Poland doesn’t even aim to be Richie Sambora, and her music is febrile, spasmodic and odd. Note the ‘her’, by the way – almost all electronic music is make by men, so the fact this artist is called Holly is a true rarity.

But that’s the point – Sandy may well be chiefly of interest to its maker, but then almost all forms of art are. Just as blogging is really a writer’s stab at immortality through words, electronic music is perhaps its musical equivalent: plentiful, simple, niche.

Sandy is a formed from beautiful snippets of of other bits of sounds, other bits of songs. Listening to it is like accessing Poland’s mind for the briefest of seconds, and it seems a dizzyingly hectic, winningly bright place.

Bizarre and hypnotic.


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