Petter Seander: Tea and Symphony

I usually need no extra incentive to listen to another chunk of Swedish lo-fi guitar pop.

Listening to a new Scandinavian band is like taking part in a lucky dip where the prizes are hidden amongst other prizes. It’s surprisingly hard to go wrong.

Swedish jangle-pop is about as close to a sure bet as you get in the world of new bands. They’re almost universally exciting, quirky or dreamy. Sometimes they’re all three.

Kudos is reserved for Petter Seander, who successfully gilded the lily by not only providing the requisite slice of blissfully skewed scuzzy pop, but by giving away free tea with every purchase of Fortune Cookies. Free tea!

Fortune Cookies arrives neatly bundled with not only some elderflower tea, but also a recipe for hazelnut cookies. I’m sure these gifts are carefully chosen to accompany a song that – genuinely – brings a smile to the face of its listeners.

Even when Petter croons, ‘nothing lasts forever,‘ the sentiment is met with a shrug and a dizzy shake of the head. Lovely, soaring, tinkling, jittering, perfect pop. Excellent.

PS – The good people at the Hype Machine lost their minds and asked me to appear on their radio show. It’s a great listen, until I start jabbering, natch. Listen:

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