Pet Scenes: Let’s Get Funked Up

Which is the worst Funk sub-genre? Cod-funk? Jazz-funk? Funk-hop?

FAIR WARNING: clicking on any of the above links might cause confusion, headaches or, in the case of the Jamiroquai one, suicidal thoughts.

Very few musical styles lend themselves so readily to woeful niche spin-offs as funk. None of this worried Pet Scenes, of course, who have happily named their new EP Funk, possibly in an attempt to muddy the waters a little further.

Of course, there is not a whiff of real funk in their music whatsoever. Indeed, their scuzz-heavy spazz-rock is so comprehensively, aggressively widescreen that there is just no room for either slap-bass solos or sax grooves.

I suppose there’s a possibility that Purple Old might benefit from some deep basslines and a wacka-wacka guitar rhythm, but such fanciful thoughts will last as long as the song’s first thrashed-out, crunchy chords take to unpack themselves.

Angular is an overused word, but this kind of ruggedly ragged rock is exactly that. Pointy.


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