:papercutz & Pleq – Resisting Temptation

Surely not. Is this true?

“Did you know celestial bodies and planets produce sounds through radio waves that can sound beautiful – from light to dark?”

I mean, I’m as willing to buy wholesale into a song’s accompanying PR spin as much as the next desperate blogger, but this claim is pretty intense.

Usually the urge to trawl Wikipedia for some sort of corroboration would be irresistable, but this is such a pleasant idea, I’m happy for such claims to slip by unfounded.

It’s also a nice starting point for people who want to make blissed-out, confusing and devastatingly vast music: people like – say – the syntactically confusing :papercutz & Pleq.

What’s most refreshing about this track is that the temptation to weld some spacey sounds to a generic dubstep/bass music template was wholly avoided by its creators.

And yet, perhaps the most exciting element of the whole song is that it feels like it is always threatening to cave into full-on WUB-WUBBB-WUBBBBB dubstep idiocy – and yet it never does.

This twinkle-toed dalliance between heavy and soft keeps the track alive, and marks :papercutz & Pleq out as being both deft and smart. A winning combination.

FAO Pedants – NB: Yes, :papercutz has been around for a while. But this collab handily tips them into ‘new band’ status. Loopholes!

MORE: papercutzed.com

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