Motorboater – Pillowy, Billowy

Is soft is the new noisy?

There certainly has been a glut of custardtextured music recently, and hopefully it signals a shift in mindsets from lazy posturing and faux-intensity to music that is a little more measured.

Motorboater‘s music, reminiscent of lazy summer days flooded with sunshine and drowsy with heat, is nestling weightily in the pillowy-soft bracket.

As Kevin Love Song’s title suggests, the Motorboater are not deathly serious, but are fixated on making songs that accentuate feeling through subtle sound.

The multifarious  pleasures of multi-layered, warm sounds reveal themselves keenly in this one song, and working out who draws the most enjoyment from it – us or the band – is part of the fun.

Flickering with late evening light and pockmarked with scorchmarks, Kevin Love Song is easy to love and hard to leave alone. Dreamy.

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