Hookworms – Complicated Combinations

Imagine if a gritty, grey city like Leeds was always bathed in Lisbon’s bright sunlight. How would it affect the look of the place, the attitude of the people?

Or what if the bands Leeds produced – typically gritty rock bands – were actually schooled in the exoticisms of Krautrock, and jammed their way to swirling aural excess?

Hookworms are the latter, of course. Krautrock – misnomer it may be – is such a winningly hypnotic brand of music that Hookworms’ specific charms may be missed on the first listen of the momentum-fuelled Teen Dreams.

So listen again, try to resist that deliriously fulfilling drum groove for a moment – and let Hookworms‘ optimistic and obscure world-view scratch through.

Teen Dreams may be founded on a rigid sonic template, but this framework allows the billowing psych-pop, stadium rock and muddy swamp-blues to spring forth and intermingle.

Pop songs that clock in over six minutes rarely justify their length, but this is no normal pop song: heavy, orange and misty. Hookworms prove to be both unusual and addictive – a complicated combination.

MORE: hookworms.bandcamp.com

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