D/Wolves: Righting The Rudder

ANBAD has been awash with gauche pop, ragged electronica and smothering lo-fi rock recently.

This, of course, is a Good Thing, but occasionally the rudder needs to be righted back to a neutral position, else the good ship ANBAD starts drifting in aimless circles.

Enter D/Wolves, the corrective prescription for our – and your – ills.

This is not to say that D/Wolves are peddling dull average-rock: it’s just that they have eschewed aural histrionics in favour of the more daft ‘n’ direct approach to their songs.

Tell Me Why is, in that sense, almost timeless in its construction, relying on – GASP! – songwriting craft to push its point quietly and insistently home.

Wait – did I say quietly? Because Tell Me Why builds insidiously to the kind of thunderous climax that Radiohead once specialised in, before abandoning such practices for esoterica.

No matter – for now, D/Wolves have their craft under full control, allowing splashes of mutant noise in and out of their songs at will. Great.

MORE: dwolves.bandcamp.com

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