Ana Lola Roman: Indispensable Disposability

The difficulty with electronic music is that, being easily tweakable to within an inch of its creator’s idea of perfection, the need for vocals is almost completely disposed with.

No further explanation is needed: the music inherently explains everything it wants to.

Mere words are in danger of becoming a further, wanted layer of complexity sitting on a finely-honed stream of soundwaves.

So how does Ana Lola Roman tackle this quandry? The sensible way, which is to closely integrate the words with the sounds: Klutch is the result of symbiosis between  the two.


Either element could exist in other states: the song as a stand-alone, the lyrics could fit another song. But the impact of both would be lessened by this switch.

Klutch, with its insistent proto-Krautrock rhythm and spluttering drums, is a simple pleasure performed brightly, and Ana Lola Roman‘s words, in the circumstances, a necessity. It’s briefer than you’d expect too; a short, intense shot of drum patterns and voices.

It’s not for everyone. But what is?


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