Acid Glasses: Not Ellie Goulding

Now we’re firmly entrenched in the age of the bedroom artiste, you’d think there’d be more defiantly obtuse music than ever, but really it just means that there are even more people who want to be Ellie Goulding than ever before.

Any band that has both the panache and the cojones to break a song down via a false CD-skip sound effect is worth a listen – and indeed, My Pale Garden proves its worth.

I mean, just marvel at the daring: who has CDs to get that reference these days anyway? Acid Glasses, my friends, are truly on the edge.

Fading in, and fading out and back again at will, My Pale Garden is as avant-garde a pop song as you’ll hear this week.

Because, despite all the pitch-shifted lyrics, crumbling song structure and K-hole echo bleeding all over the surface, at the heart of the angular jumble lies a pretty pop song.

Moreover, the band know that the pop song within is the key – and fight their urges throughout, pushing it to the fore and pulling it back.

A risky, neat trick, and one that – just – works. Challenging fun.


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