Yus: Throwaway

Now we’re settled happily into an era where listening to music has become a thoroughly throwaway activity, the playing field has been levelled to an extent.

It’s fine,” we think, collectively, “to listen to this song once, enjoy it to its fullest and then never touch it again.”

There are a whole host of questions regarding the longevity of musician’s careers that relate to this mindset, but for now, this is what we have and as such, everyone is pitching in and producing songs.

My point is that this slightly unfulfilling environment has allowed people – people like Yus – to release the songs that might never have been given a chance previously.

ndefited (lower case obligatory) is another song defiant in its simplicity, drawing its engaging, blissful feel purely from a few well-placed chord changes via well-chosen electronic buzzing sounds.

Swirling sounds spin within washes of other noises, losing touch with where they originated, and gaining new chaotic characteristics.

What emerges is half-song, half-long, wheezing sigh; of the sort you might emit on a fiendishly hot day and figure that actually everything is going to be OK after all.

In ndefited, Yus merely confirms those thoughts. Nice.

MORE: yusyusyus.bandcamp.com

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