The Eversons Doth Protest Too Little

Back in the 90’s, Edwyn Collins sang about, “Too many protest singers, not enough protest songs,” although today he might note that there aren’t many of the former either.

The Eversons probably don’t consider themselves particularly political, but perhaps those who truly bring about change never really do.

It’s true that writing a song from the point of view of a straight-laced everyman might not exactly be up there with hunger strikes and self-immolation, but hey – you can only eat an elephant by taking small bites.

So maybe He’s A Conservative is only the start of their crusade. Or maybe it’s just a hyper-enjoyable rock ‘n’ roll song with smart lyrics, clever construction and lovely harmonies of the type you almost never hear any more.


Make no mistake: this song is simple, but the most effective and enjoyable things in life often are.

The Eversons are from New Zealand. The Chills are also from New Zealand. I’m prepared to allow my love for one bleed into the other. Great stuff.


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