Smug Brothers: Less Crude (But Fuzzier) Than Pimba

ANBAD is back from its holidays, refreshed and flabby.

Brief highlights included: bumping into the Portuguese Prime Minister on an Aveiro backstreet, eating candied egg-yolks, and being introduced to the mind-bogglingly crude delights of Pimba pop by Alex from Youthless.

Leaping back into the real world after a holiday requires a jolt of sorts to make the transition less painful in the long run; tearing the sticking-plaster off the metaphorical paper cut.

Smug Brothers‘ crunchy rock provide the requisite jerk.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then when Smug Brothers become unstuck in time and land with a wet plop back in either Wedding Present-era early 90’s, buzzy post-punk early 80’s, or the radio-friendly-early 70’s, they’ll be doing a lot of forelock-tugging.

Revival Trips plods wearily through a treacly swamp of apathy, forming small bubbles which, when popped, release small, sweet sighs heavenwards.

Their 18-track album clocks in under 30 minutes in length, which is entirely endearing. Bristling, buzzy, throwaway pop nuggets. Welcome home indeed.


6 thoughts on “Smug Brothers: Less Crude (But Fuzzier) Than Pimba

  1. Pimba pop?! You mean snaggle-tooth kids who look like silent film ingenues singing about how bacalao makes you strong is a genre of its own?

    Sign me up.

  2. There were lots of these snaggle-toothed scamps singing along in the streets of Lisbon.

    The lyrics are ludicrously vulgar. And they knew it. Kids these days.

  3. Hope you two had a trip that was totally “legao” or whatever the pimba pop singers are saying nowadays!

  4. It was great – though naturally when I had the lyrics of the Pimba songs explained to me, I could only think of the effect it was having on the children. And how much they must be loving singing songs about penises in the playground. Lucky scamps.

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  6. I, too, have been iedtorucnd to you through “Winter’s Bone”, a hard movie to watch that really lit up when you came on screen. I’m ordering a CD and will share with others. Thank you for the beautiful music – hope to hear more of you in the future.

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