MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 15th June 2011

Lordy, the sun’s hot in Portugal. Lt. Drebin is back from his holidays, and wondering whether he should have taken heed of an awful Bill Withers/Grandaddy Souf mash-up.

Whilst Frank is moving gingerly and peeling strips of crispy skin from his back, why not indulge in a little mixtapery?

FIRST! 50’s Doo-wop is one of those sounds that persists in coming back for another bout of fun, like an over-attentive Labrador. Cults probably don’t smell much like wet dog, but other than that, the analogy is moderately apt. Abducted is a dreamily upbeat modern reconfiguration of 50’s pop with a sinister edge: catchy as hell, straight-up-and-down, radio-friendly spook-fun.

SECOND! Finest Minds unwittingly conjur up the image of hellish 80’s idiots Simple Minds. That’s OK, as long as they don’t also make a morono-cover of Sign O’ The Times. Funnily enough, there is a hefty chunk of 80’s synth-and-chiming-guitar in Something Missing, although it’s cracked and weird enough to appreciate in a non-ironic manner.

THIRD! To prove exactly how up-to-date ANBAD really is, let’s preface this mini-review by saying that it ought to have been done about a year ago when the excellent Whitehaus Family Band compilation originally came out. And where to start with a 27-track sampler? Well, follow the link, scroll through the tracks and pick one for yourself – it’s as good a compilation album as you’ll have heard for a long time.

FINALLY! Secret Rivals’ Tonight Matthew is quite possibly a reference to now-possibly-defunct Saturday night karaoke-lite show Stars In Their Eyes. I like it when bands make references to cultural landmarks of that ilk. As a song, it’s a skittering, loony blast; all splashy drums, chiming guitars and yelping vocals.

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