I Break Horses, Best Of All The Animals

Finally, the yin to the insane yang of the pre-teen market’s favoured equine reading material, I Love Horses, has been found.

More importantly, I Break Horses’ intent is not so brazenly adoring; instead opting for function, usefulness and work over mere sugar-fuelled OMG DAD CAN WE GET A PONY PLEEEEEASE spuriousness.

I Break Horses might well have produced a song that is not so much about love than it is a tuning fork that rings in perfect harmony with love and everything associated with it.

Hearts is druggy, foggy and blissful: without form or reason, just endlessly feeding off its own gorgeously addictive synaptic rush.

Maybe there is a connection with a young girl’s mindless adoration of horses, after all.

Hearts is one, long, soft, sumptuous sigh; as close a reflection of the desperately vivid and disorientating effects of love and the subsequent happiness as you’ll find committed to mp3.

The songs is as addictive as the feelings it conveys, long enough to sustain those dreamy feelings, and just short enough to cause an involuntary rewind/play. Beautiful.

MORE: ibreakhorses.se

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