Gala Drop – Drop It Like Its Hot

There’s a natural order of usefulness when it comes to the prickly task of finding new bands, and it runs something like this:

  1. Personal recommendation by friend;
  2. Live gig;
  3. CD drunkenly shoved into hand at gig;
  4. Excitable email from band;
  5. PR bluster grinding writer down until capitulation.

Gala Drop were introduced to me via method number one whilst talking with a friend about music late one night in Lisbon.

There were echoes of methods numbers three and four within the, “Hey, you have to hear these guys” part.

Whenever I hear music that seemingly builds itself up under its own steam – looping noises back and forth, gaining momentum, pausing, unfurling – I wonder why it isn’t made more often.

Songs like Rauze are so devastatingly successful – for want of a more pleasant word – that it would seem obvious for others to copy the template. No matter.

Gala Drop // RAUZE

Rauze, as all these songs ought, starts small and grows to a towering, loopy, shimmering colossus, before dumping everything unceremoniously to get back to the start.

Perhaps there are parallels with life, or not. Either way, Gala Drop are a band that have found out how to make their music work. So many bands never get close.


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