Extra Happy Ghost!!! Misery!! Pop!! Forever!!

Today, it’s startling easy to construct FM-friendly million-selling dead-eyed-pop SMASH HITS by brazenly using entire Garageband loops and popping some warbling about Umbrellas over the top.

And while there’s something horribly pleasurable about the thought of the vast producer’s fee which the makers of that song claimed for the act of shuffling a couple of pre-made loops around, it’s more heartening to hear music makers experimenting with their own equally delicious sounds.

Extra Happy Ghost!!! craft clanking bursts of miserably soaring pop to make the music which a Prozac-soaked mind would hear when presented with excitable Euro-Disco.

To make a song that sounds just as much like the End Times as it does Good Times takes a special talent, and Lo! that’s exactly what So At One reveals the band to be.

Soft, close, gloomy and woozily euphoric, here’s a song that connects with any emotion you care to be experiencing and wrings it dry.

Extra marks are always doled out on ANBAD when a band judiciously scatters punctuation around in their band and song titles, but in Extra Happy Ghost!!!’s case these bonus points are unnecessary, simply because the band are so darn good.

MORE: myspace.com/extrahappyghost

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