Big Troubles – Lost in Fuzz

“The thing is with your website,” a friend ventured last night, “is that you get so excited about every new band you write about.”

I think her point is that the world continues to spew forth a slightly bewildering number of very good new bands – or at least that’s how I’m interpreting it.

A case in point: Big Troubles are one of these good new bands over which all these superlatives are being spilt, and for good reason (as always).

I’m sure that, for new bands, the temptation of turning up all the knobs on the fuzz pedal is ever-present, and I admire all musicians who resist such base urges.

But when the result of doing exactly that sound as supremely, blissfully stratospheric as Bite Yr Tongue, who could argue against doing so?


Smartly, Big Troubles couple the transcendent blizzard of soft fuzz with elasticated, monotone vocals, and any concerns that we’re headed for a bout of hardcore navel-gazing are just about nullified. Nice.

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