Arc Vel – Memory, Objects, and the Journey Between

The hippocampus is little more than a tiny nugget of nerves buried deep within that blancmange inside your skull, but it aids your day-to-day existence in a gratifyingly basic manner: by encouraging your brain to remember things and helping you walk around objects instead of ploughing straight through them like a simpleton.

I mention this for two reasons: to point out that the small things in life often have the greatest and most welcome effects, and that – with that in mind – Arc Vel has a small but perfectly formed musical sweetmeat in Hippocampus.


What is most charming about Hippocampus, and all music like it, is that it seems to be composed of snippets of other lovely songs – which to an extent is entirely true.

The difference with Arc Vel‘s dreamy, anti-brash, anti-form soundscapes is that these other lovely songs may only exist in the world of Arc Vel, and that we’ll never hear them.

No matter. He’s selected the best slivers and woven them into mesmeric, shuffling journeys. Delightful.


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