Technical Kidman – Showering In Noise

Standing in the shower, thinking,” sang Jane’s Addiction, acknowledging the  humble shower cubicle as one of mankind’s premiere places of pondering.

And what a truism it is – just this morning, amidst the suds, I gained sudden understanding of why I dislike Noah and The Whale (they sound like Prefab Sprout); where it was that I left my favourite scarf (at Islington Mill in Salford), and became cognisant of the need for some clattering noise-pop to kick start my weary brain.

Thankfully – and serendipitously – Technical Kidman’s email plopped into my inbox , and the logic circle was complete.

Astute ANBAD observers will realise at this point that such a pun-tastic band name can not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Indeed, that nagging character flaw of ‘honesty’ leads me to admit that it was what drew me to the band in the first place. Hey, no-one said life is fair.

By keeping everything nice and vague, Things delivers a laser-guided white-hot nugget of euphoric pop that will almost certainly cause hands to be raised involuntarily into the air. Careless waving may also ensue.

The danger with a song starting at a million miles an hour is that the initial rush is a giddying thrill which slowly peters out when the audience figures out that there’s nowhere else for the song to go.

But Technical Kidman aren’t dumb. They’ve got that problem licked, in the form of throbbing, thrilling and pounding chunks of noise that are piled on top of the song as it progresses, maintaining Things’ breathless pace until its explosive climax.

When the song ends, you’ll have to listen to it again – just to figure out why it has stopped, and how. A minor triumph of noise, rock and noise-rock. Nice.


One thought on “Technical Kidman – Showering In Noise

  1. Great band, great guys, great music. These guys are even better live.
    TK rocks.


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