Purity Ring: Preventing Hype-ochondria

Hype, hype, hype. It’s hard to be involved with new music without being exposed to huge, cloying dollops of the stuff, and yet allowing too much of it to infiltrate your mind is the surest route straight back towards dreary Coldplay-dom.

In an online world where yesterday’s simply amazing wunderkinds become today’s derivative old hat in the blink of an eye and without any hint of irony, inhabitants looking to survive the Hype-ochondria should arm themselves with a sturdy barricade of cynicism, post-haste.

So are Purity Ring – the subjects of fearsome online gushing – the real deal, or are they another band who will slink away, forgotten, as quickly as they arrived?

Or, most sadly of all, will both of these scenarios come to pass, as they become another band chewed up and spat out by a new-music machine that has apparently become blind to the fabric of space and time?

My hunch is the former, but any music blogger’s proclamations are worth the paper they’re written on: nothing whatsoever.

Most commentators have been at pains to point out how ‘now’ this band is, and how they use the tools of today’s newest artistes: pitched-down samples, choppy drums, dancefloor-friendly basslines, [repeat to fade].

All of these charges are true: Purity Ring couldn’t be more relevant if their songs predicted world events a day in advance.

This kind of band rings loud, shrieking alarms inside my head, but in the case of Purity Ring, they prove to be completely unfair, because Lofticries is a particularly beautiful sliver of self-aware, precise and cunningly assembled pop music disguised as too-cool-for-school, ethereal echo-deck electronica.

Lovely and cool? The world might end if two such disparate ideas ever meet, so savour this song while you still can…

MORE: thepurityring.tumblr.com

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