MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 23rd May 2011

NB: The ANBAD ‘posse’ is taking a (partly) well-earned holiday for a couple of weeks.

You can quit yo’ jibber-jabber though: there will still be Midweek Mixtapes, which is still a band a day, if you ration them out. Até breve!

FIRST! Sadly, Wild Years accidentally fell down the ANBAD Memory Hole. They should have been on here about six months ago, but I forgot. It’s a shame, as their heavily Pavement-influenced songs are a a splashy joy. LIke a bright summer spent indoors.

SECOND! Low Duo sound like a cheerful lot, don’t they? And, lo, so their music came to reflect their name, or vice-versa: No Happier is, naturellement, a bit of a gloom-fest. Still, it’s a pretty gloom and enjoyable in the same way that introspective self-analysis often is.

THIRD! Hook Moon also fell down the back of the ANBAD sofa, which is a shame, because their minimalist/slick/spaceman rock is wide-eyed, ambitious and gently sweet; giving short shrift to bands whose ambition doesn’t match their own.

FOURTH! The Helmholtz Resonators Bombs made me wonder whether big dumb remixes aren’t all that bad after all. Who could deny a stupid-fresh song that utilises lyrics like “I can smell bombs but he can smell medicine”? No-one, that’s who.

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  1. hey long time without any comment, anyway, i say that you should do a recount of this first six months

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