MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 18th May 2011

Last week was, like, all about those zany Super-Injuctions. Thankfully, we’ve all moved our collective LUST FOR GOSSIP on from such celebrity tittle-tattle.

It’s safe to say that we no longer care who’s been doing illicit deeds and then using their millions to hide knowledge of them from the public, which is why this week, in an entirely unconnected set of circumstances, Lt Drebin is pondering an Annie Lennox album. “Diva”, indeed.


FIRST! Prescription Description is a spin-off band (aren’t they all?) from one of last year’s better bands, B-Lock and the Girl. All the music is played with a loop pedal by one man, which results in exactly the kind of off-kilter, frayed-at-the-edges, cracked-in-the-middle music that I love. It’s even easier to get this kind of music hopelessly wrong than it is to get it half-way right, and so it’s a particular thrill to hear songs like Toast The Moon getting it spot on. Great.

SECOND! Continuing the trend of obtuse-sounding experi-sounds, Petrels, in After Francis Danby, have created a low-key mini-epic of burbling radio bloops, echo-drenched twangs and sweeps of glistening noise. Like a radio broadcast from a doomed future. Terrifyingly soft.

THIRD! Sigmund Frued is recording and releasing one new song every month for the next six months. These Challenge Anneka-style stunts are very welcome chez ANBAD, if only because, in the internet age where nothing is savoured for more than 30 seocnds, gimmicks are a sure-fire way to keep ’em hooked. Thankfully, Sigmund Frued serves up mounds of gleefully chopped-up tunes that can’t fail to satisfy. Delicious.

FOURTH! Calling yourself Boy Genius is a bold move. There’s, you know, a certain level of expectation of geniuses. These songs aren’t comparable with the Theory of General Relativity, but they are straight-up, straight-down blasts of power-punk-pop that dally with the ridiculous but still emerge on top. It’s not genius, but it’s still impressive.

FINALLY! Generationals are boogie. There’s a word I’ve never used on ANBAD before. Boogie. Yep. Sounds good, feels good too. Boogie. Not enough bands have it, I think. But Generationals do – oh yes. Boogie down, my friend. Great stuff.

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