Bos Angeles – Class A Songs

According to ever-trustworthy online information-dustbin, Boscombe – the sleepy south-coast seaside town – is the Heroin Capitol Of Britain.

I’m assuming this is a spelling error, and that this unassuming locale actually has a surfeit of Herons, because whilst I can imagine small town life gets a bit stifling sometimes, plumping  straight for the nuclear option of intravenously injecting opiates strikes me as a little unlikely, if not simply lazy.

Bos Angeles named themselves after their hometown’s amusingly ironic nickname, and their very existence proves that ploughing your time into creating buzzy drone-pop is always the preferable option to becoming chemically addicted to Class A drugs.

Beach Slalom displays the band’s cunning – it’s a song with the vim and vigour of a sure-fire pop smash, combined with the laconic and lazy stylings of navel-gazers who are too, like, tired, to care, yeah?

There’s a certain beauty when such diametrically opposed ideals slump carelessly into one another, and Beach Slalom takes full advantage of the resultant woozy, gloomy, chill. The song is ice-cool and barbapapa-soft. Lovely.


NB: The ANBAD ‘posse’ is taking a (partly) well-earned holiday for a couple of weeks. You can quit yo’ jibber-jabber though: there will still be Midweek Mixtapes, which is still a band a day, if you ration them out. Até breve!

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