Little Comets // AllSaints Basement Sessions


ANBAD is more than willing to champion anyone who also champions new music, especially when it’s an initiative that is not only enjoyable but also explores the music world to a little more depth than usual: providing musical Edutainment, if you’ll allow such heinous terminology into your life.

That closer peep into new music is to be found in the AllSaints Basement Sessions – a minor treasure trove of videoed live performances from new bands; lectures and discussion groups on new music; and, perhaps most interestingly, interviews with musical movers-and-shakers that are bold enough to progress beyond the usual yadda-yadda single-plugging.

The in-depth interviews are conducted by a man called Christopher Tubbs, who (if you squint) looks a bit like Zane Lowe; so as you can imagine, his interview with the real Zane Lowe is a bit like watching the Radio 1 DJ engage in some sort of David Lynchian deconstruction-of-the-self experience.

Live performance from the sprightly young Sunderland quartet Little Comets, who put in a chipper performance of sweetly sonorous  songs from their well-received new album, In Search of Elusive Little Comets.

It’s all recorded and filmed in a pleasingly dingy warehouse space below AllSaints’ design studios in Spitalfields, and there’s a new session every couple of weeks.

Think of it like subscribing to receive one of those organic vegetable boxes delivered to your front door twice a month where the contents are always a surprise, but equally, always delicious.

Except, with the Basement Sessions, instead of a handful of grubby carrots, you’ll be getting stuck into some ace new bands. Hey, why not do both? You’ll become healthier and more musically well-rounded.


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