Girls Names: Clashing With A Wedding

You’re not reading this, are you? You’re watching the Royal Wedding, like everyone else – and that’s just fine. So, fret not, I’ll keep this post brief.

It’s easy to get swept along by the dizzy thrills of Kate ‘n’ Wills’ big day. Or it could just be the gin.

Even if you manage to dodge out of the miasma of chat surrounding Kate’s dress, you’ll step right into the firing line of curmudgeons like me who are just complaining about it.

So why try to compete? Why not burn the bunting, shoot the TV,  flip the laptop shut and listen to some new bands instead?

Browsing through a list of bands playing at a festival, as I have been for the forthcoming Sounds From The Other City, is a thankless task. Best to pick them on the basis of who has the best moniker.

I chose Girls Names, who, indeed, have a good, er, name.

Their sound is buzzy, young and lithe; although all of this exuberance fights for prominence with a thick blanket of dense, droning echo.

As such, I Lose manages to throb with both youthful vim and menace. Some achievement. OK, done. You can get back to the nuptials now.


One thought on “Girls Names: Clashing With A Wedding

  1. troll is obvious. And how the hell is this not metal; power chrdos check, guitar solo check, powerful vocalist check, leather and long hair check. I mean it’s a song ABOUT metal for satan’s sake, the ignorance of some people amazes me

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