MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 9th March 2011

When does a celebrity breakdown step lightly across the line from ‘hilarious lunacy’ to ‘worrying mental illness’?

I’m not entirely sure, but you can rest soundly knowing that, as you read this, Charlie Sheen is figuring out that particular conundrum.

Here in ANBAD Towers, we have had advance warning of his next diabolically crazy project – one which we believe will be the proverbial straw that breaks the internet’s back.

It’s his upcoming cover-album-of-a-covers-album, Charlie Sheen’s Swing When You’re #Winning, in which he dabbles in the realm of the meta-cover by re-enacting Robbie Williams’ lowest point (apart from Rudebox). Drebin, as always, is on the case.

Nurse! The Mixtape, quick!

FIRST! Quakers and Mormons are another of the excellent My Awesome Mixtape’s guises, and New York Town is a thoroughly good tilt at lop-sided hip-hop grandeur. They modestly call it ‘an avant-garde masterpiece,‘ and they’re not too wrong, in all honesty. Great.

SECOND! Beat Connection sound like they ought to be a Ska covers band, but don’t worry, they’re not. Instead, they make the sort of song that doesn’t get made in this form too often – 80’s Pet Shop Boys-esque pop, all sheen (not Charlie), twangy synth bass and sincere vocals. Nice.

THIRD! William The Contractor has a pun in his name, so is automatically granted a spot on ANBAD. That’s how it works. Fortunately, W.T.C. is Swedish, which also means that his music is automatically 20 times more tuneful and 10 times more lovable than a song made by someone of a different nationality. Don’t complain, you know it’s true – just listen to the excellent Black Gold for proof.

FOURTH! FUR’s Friends might be just what Charlie Sheen needs right now. Solar Bear’s remix makes the song complex enough for his wired brain to stay occupied, but is so lilting, calm and otherworldly that every listener will slowly droop into soporific slumber. Delightful.

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