Crane Angels and Umberto Eco’s Chat Shack

Life is punctuated by choices as much as it is by events over which we have no control. Don’t fret – there are no real psychological depths behind that statement. This is ANBAD, not Umberto Eco’s Chat Shack (website coming soon).

Here’s a choice to ponder, though. You want to be in a band. You long to be in a  band. But you also want to be surrounded by your ten very best friends at all time. You have a decision to make.

Do you: a) start an 11-piece band and simply accept that there are too many members for anyone to ever get paid; or b) give up and accept your life of office tedium?

Of course, we all know what happened. Crane Angels didn’t let money get involved. I mean, they certainly haven’t negotiated a payment-per-minute deal – this is the second band in as many days that are releasing a song clocking in around the two-minute mark. Talk about value for money.

Virgin is the kind of song that only a band this size could write. Sure, it may sound like a ditzy, bouncing skip through a summer meadow, but it is actually a song of surprising clarity, depth and vision for a sub-three minute pop song.

Crane Angels are from Bordeaux. You may have heard of the wine. Perhaps that’s how they get paid. Semi-sadly, this song is far too much fun to resort to any ‘Virgin on the ridiculous’-type gags. I suppose such a touching and lively song is a reasonable pay-off. Lovely.


5 thoughts on “Crane Angels and Umberto Eco’s Chat Shack

  1. Thanks Gareth. They’re really good aren’t they? The happy voices of people who aren’t in it for the money, I suppose…

  2. Parce que les Crane angels plaisent aussi aux anglais | Animal Factory

  3. class! i’ve got a good virgin [poem which was always the best subject to do on! But I cam e from the angle that i was a virgin! x

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