(Beware) Greeks (Bearing Riffs)

I still don’t understand the reasoning behind wilful rock anonymity. Far be it from me to dribble my mindless opinions into the ears of nascent rock stars, but isn’t the point of strapping on a guitar and recording a racket to be noticed?

OK, there have been a few occasions where shoving the music front and centre and carefully managing the photographs that appear has worked, creating the desired mystery and drama.

But by its very nature, this can only work for one band at any given time, and right now, it’s Wu Lyf (them again) that have got a secretive stranglehold on the whole anonymous shtick. Everyone else who tries it gets swallowed up in their vacuum.

Enter the excellently grimy Greeks, of whom I could find no photos, besides the usual obtuse out-of-focus group shot (see above) and carefully cropped studio environmental shots. Unless they’re so hideously ugly that we’d all be offended, or are a Wu Lyf side-project, Greeks need to shove it out there and wave it around. Go on, no-one will bite.

A Ghoul! A Spook! is satisfyingly gritty, appealing to the same part of the mind that finds oily, noisy machinery strangely alluring. Its constituent parts form a series of thrilling spikes puncturing a blanket of muddy fuzz that swaddles the song.

This kind of music is like sausage, egg and chips: musical comfort food of the very highest order. It won’t win plaudits for subtlety – although this song is carefully structured – but will be hankered for and enjoyed on a more human level than most bands can muster.

Unless they’ve got a Big Reveal coming, and it turns out this is how Wills and Kate are filling the time before their nuptials, they might be setting themselves up for a fall.  Ignore the masquerade and get stuck into the gut feelings they’ve spilt all over this monstrously tactile and exciting lo-fi buzz-rawk.

MORE: greeksgreeks.tumblr.com

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