Yourfeetstoobig; Direct Competition and Bonus Bands

Someone who works in publishing told me a story of how, back in the early 90’s, one of the UK’s big music magazines gambled and stuck a CD of songs on the front cover.

It was a risky move at the time – CDs were expensive  – but it paid huge dividends, with the magazine shifting record-breaking numbers.

Soon everyone followed suit, and suddenly cover-mount CDs were the norm. Within a few years, the CDs were worthless and used as impromptu coffee-mats nationwide. Generosity has its downsides.

So the forthcoming generosity which will abound on ANBAD will last only a couple of weeks. But for that time, due to an unprecedented new band surplus, a bonus new band will feature every day, at the foot of the main article.

Who knows – you may find the bonus, tacked-on band better than the main one.  Try it for yourself today, and see what happens.

All of which means that Yourfeetstoobig have some sort of competition today. Disregard any thoughts of comparison and listen to the pulsing synth soup of Young Birch.

Whenever I hear songs that loop and throb like this, I always feel as much admiration for the artist’s decision-making skills, as much as I do their musical ability.

Making electronic music involves selecting one option from an infinite number of permutations, and is often as much a series of bold decisions as musical deftness.

Yourfeetstoobig must be a be one of those people who never dithers over the dessert menu, because this song is bold, definite and tough, despite its bubbly synth shimmer. Cute, and steely.


TODAY’S BONUS NEW BAND: Minks // FIVE WORD SUMMARY: Echo-deck junk pop bliss.

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