The Dyeing Merchants – A Thousandth Of A Degree Off-Kilter

How do songs come about, hey? Yes, yes – that’s hopelessly vague as far as opening queries go, I know, but bear with me.

As someone who has always failed horribly at writing songs – an admission which almost wholly explains vicarious activities like, say, writing about a new band every day – this has always proven an awful puzzle.

Where do songs come from? How do you start writing one? How do you decide which bit is the verse and which is the chorus? Do you have to write middle eights for yourself or is there an App that does that for you now?

Such concerns are of no mystery to The Dyeing Merchants, for whom – if All In All is anything to go by – the songwriting process is as organic and steadily encompassing  as a vine creeping up a garden wall.

In fact, take note BBC documentary makers, because All In All could happily soundtrack a time-lapse film of a seed’s struggle from soil, to green shoot, to flower and back again, so redolent is the song of the ebb and flow of life itself.

Guitar bands have an unenviable task in front of them – they are committed to tackling the same four-minute-pop-song task as every other band has been doing for the last 60 years, and it’s hardly a surprise when they end up grinding out the same old ditties.

But occasionally a band manage to shift their angle of attack by a thousandth of a degree – and the effect is palpably different. It’s just a hunch, but in songs like All In All, The Dyeing Merchants may be doing exactly this.


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