Pet Scenes, Pet Sounds PLUS: BBC Introducing Masterclass – LIVE

Sometimes it’s worth reminding ourselves of the service the BBC provides for those of us who love new music. BBC’s John Peel was my – and millions of others’ – musical year zero, and is still my overwhelming new-music inspiration, years after his death.

In the UK, at least, every new band yearns to be played on BBC radio, whether local or national. I ought to be annoyed, really – in terms of wider influence, the UK music blogging culture is way behind the USA’s simply because the BBC already provides so much coverage of brand new sounds.

It won’t be long before Pet Scenes are popping up on the BBC, maybe on Tom Robinson’s excellent show. Pet Scenes used to be the awkwardly good Panic Attract, but ‘got bored’ of themselves and have mutated into an equally disorientating, but perhaps more palatable band.

Pet Scenes // Schemer

Schemer clatters and grinds in a way reminiscent of early 90’s proto-grunge – stripped back, grimy, sweaty and noisy. Their noise is urgent, brash and curious. As long as they don’t get bored, airwaves somewhere will ring and buzz with their sounds.


They’d do well to watch an hour or so of the below live feed from Abbey Road studios in London, where Today Only, the BBC Introducing team are providing a day of discussions, talks and info-sharing about making your own music. Why not join them?

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