MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 2nd Feb 2011

Sometimes a development in popular culture comes along that is so head-spinningly excellent that everything must be put aside to fully expereince it. Today, witness the fitness of new kids’ TV show Rastamouse.

Sadly Lt. Drebin has got entirely the wrong idea and is about to ‘spin some massive dub platters’ using his collection of Elephant Man nonsense, so once you’ve experienced the world’s most irie rodent, work your way through this ting an’ ting:

FIRST! Lissi Dancefloor Disaster were not only one of my picks of In The city last year, but also one of my favourite bands of 2010. They make brilliant demented pop hits like The Knife used to before they started dabbling in opera – except I’m not sure The Knife made a song as lustily yearning as Glowing Hearts. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

SECOND! The Barettas look like the kind of women who might punch your lights out if you looked at them the wrong way. But photos are misleading. I’m sure they’re lovely. Mind you, their crunchy, pointed, garage-y pop doesn’t do much to dispel this threat either. Good stuff.

THIRD! The Narrows, in comparison, sound like they’d punch their own lights out, in an attempt to escape the gloom. Before they do so, though, they squirrel away coiling, claustrophobic and dense songs like Noir. Nice, if that’s the right word (it isn’t).

FOURTH! Bloody Beach‘s Bonanza starts with screaming white noise and then procedes to dial down the mental, whilst eking out a pop sound that sounds – for all the world – a bit Baggy, of all things. Admirably outré.

FINALLY! The Lovely Eggs have been around for a while, but when you’re presented with the week’s second best songs and video (after Rastamouse, natch), how can I resist? John Shuttleworth, ‘washing-line teeth’ and the catchiest clonk-punk tune this year (so far). Ace.

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