MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 23rd February 2011

You’re not reading this. I know. Because if the music news press is to be believed, you’re either mourning the loss of Justin Bieber’s haircut, or swooooning over the surprise release of King Of Limbs.

I’m going to cut to the chase. No point wasting words if you’re too busy filesharing Thom and Co.’s latest impenetrable album whilst you share your grief with fellow Beliebers on Twitter.

So while Lt. Frank Drebin tries to mistakenly play what he thinks is the new Radiohead album, get stuck into this delightful Midweek Mixtape:

FIRST! Homework sound like the result of a load of Teenage Fanclub records falling through a wormhole in space-time and landed in the laps of Kraftwerk whilst they recorded Computer World. Naturally, Homework‘s excellent pop sounds like neither and yet both. Go figure.

SECOND! Delta Hotel’s entirely lo-fi scuzz-pop is delightful, cute and – for a cold-hearted so-and-so like me, this is a tough admission – loveable. Clocking in at under two minutes, Prime Numbers is just as short as it is sweet. Genuinely lovely.

THIRD! Inuette have made songs that exude French subtlety and yet retain some sort of woody organic ambiance. On & On is a dreamily beautiful exploration of a fictitious forest where everything is unnaturally sunny and green. Delightful.

FOURTH! According to Jamie N Common’s PR people, he is “so new he has no PR blurb yet”. Surely not. But this man – take note PR people, for here lies blurb – this man has a wonderful voice. Most of us would kill for a voice like this, and fortunately Jamie hasn’t let us down by singing some Adele-esque soul-lite nonsense. Great stuff.

FIFTH! This Is The Kits singer has her face painted into that of an evil clown while she sings. Now that’s a good gimmick. Not that she needs one – Treehouse is a purely delightful, minimal, heartfelt song.

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