Junk Culture – Twinkling Distractions, Iron Will

It’s a wonder any electronic songs get made at all. As anyone who has tried to make computer-based music knows, danger lurks within your laptop.

Like all the most troublesome dangers, it’s characterised by its allure and temptation. The problem hides in the vast, glittering array of endlessly-tweakable options. Any sound can be altered in infinitesimal, bewildering number of ways, and it’s easy – no, almost obligatory – to get bogged down in honing an individual sound rather than forming an actual song.

Some people can ignore these twinkling distractions, and manage to get on with the task at hand: making simple, blissfully good pop songs.

Aptly named, Junk Culture recycles and re-appropriates familiar sounds, churning them until new noises, sweet and buttery, appear. How else could the appearance of sleigh bells on Weird Teenage Vibes be explained?

Junk Culture // Weird Teenage Vibes

This is a song of deceptive weight. It sounds dense, wide, multi-faceted – and its only as the song is ending do we realise that, in fact, Weird Teenage Vibes is as slight as can be. As a lesson in how a deftly-applied smattering of synths, clicks (and those jangling bells) are all you really need not only to make a song, but really flesh one out, it’s an eye-opener.

Junk Culture is a man of either iron will, bravely ignoring the welter of knob-twiddling options available to him, or simply doesn’t know about them. I imagine the former is true, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is that here is a man who can make a song out of the flimsiest of materials and make it shine.


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