Dam Mantle: Zany Frontman Wanted. Apply Within.

Some are born great, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Anyone who’s sat through all nine buttock-numbing hours of Lord Of The Rings knows that.

But it seems that there is also another category – that of the person who just makes life up as they go along and seems to discover great things as they blunder from one happy accident to the next.

Dam Mantle is one of these people. He probably doesn’t know it yet. His PR blurb tells me that he’s a polymath of sorts: student, artist, musician, remixer, yadda yadda.

Most interesting of all this is his youth and the fact that his music appears to be that of someone older.

Nuance, delicacy, poise: these are things that you expect to come with age, or time, or both – not necessarily from some bloody art student in Glasgow. Shouldn’t he be out stealing traffic cones and swilling bottles of Buckfast?

Movement creeps with a lightness of touch that sets Dam Mantle apart from his peers. It’s a song that seems at least four times longer than it is. This would usually be a bad sign, but here, it’s affirmation that every moment is worth savouring.

As is near-obligatory for today’s electronic noodling artists, there are no photographs of the man behind the bleeps, simply pretty geometric shapes. Remember when electronic acts had a zany frontman specifically for photoshoots, like Keith Flint or Mr C?

Don’t let the lack of a hyped-up, wackily-haircutted singer put you off. Dam Mantle makes beautiful music for a beautiful world.

MORE // dammantle.com/

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