BAANEEX – The Weird Groove Of Ernest Shackleton

Just how hard is it to create something that sounds new today? That’s not a rhetorical question, by the way, but – hey – it’s not entirely serious either.

With the weight of 60-odd years of pop music pressing heavily on the shoulders of new bands, it’s no wonder they usually reach into the recent past and replicate the sounds of bands that have gone before them.

The few bands that strive to do that little bit more – the ones who lightly skip past the window of opportunity marked “Oh, Just Make It Sound A Bit Like Mumford And Sons” and instead choose to dive, blind, into uncharted territory – are the ones that are truly brave.

All of which must make Baaneex as bulletproof and carefree as Ernest Shackleton in the bravery stakes, because here is a band that have – somehow – managed to weld outré noise to catchy pop.

Weird Dance 2 is wonderful – sounding like nothing and everything all at once: a song that grabs onto one fabulous groove and milks it dry. This song is so terrifically obtuse and accessible all at once it will fool you into thinking it has no antecedents.

It does, of course, but why bother to figure out who Baaneex are influenced by when you could just as easily get lost in the fabulous density of a song that has so many constituent parts that it should never, ever work – and yet emerges triumphant as the most complicatedly wonderful song to appear on ANBAD for, like, ages.

The audible lyrics – the few that actually manage to bubble to the surface of this particularly molten brew – seem to consist of only one, increasingly anguished word: “Why?”

Apt. Brilliant. //

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