All Cannibals, Musical Flatulence and Fighting For Windmills

There’s a certain boldness – bravery, even – in releasing a single that has not a single lyric for the first two minutes or so. Well, boldness or insanity.

Hey – it worked on Blue Monday, although that song was such a nailed-on classic from the moment it was born that Bernard Sumner could have farted semi-rhythmically throughout and it would still have sold enough copies to bankrupt Factory Records forever.

Musical flatulence is not the shared link to All Cannibals, though the predilection for long intros and outros is what they and New Order have in common.

The danger with long introductions is that you may lose interest, waiting for the lyrics to start, and then over-scrutinise them when they eventually appear.

Fortunately, All Cannibals are a fiendish lot, allowing gentle, wistful words to slip out just at the precise moment your mind threatens to wander and then all, suddenly, is well again.

“Give me a windmill to fight for,” is a plaintive cry of sorts, albeit one from the 17th century. Polar Mist is an atypically French song that will resonate with those who like their pop music curious, coiling and cracked.

All Cannibals have managed to create songs that seem almost too lightweight and raw, and then embellish them with the density of pop hooks and rock curios that will banish any negative thoughts. Yum.


TODAY’S BONUS BAND The Babies // FIVE WORD SUMMARY: Lo-fi, High-Concept, happy jangle pop.

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