True Womanhood – Plugging Ears Into A Mysterious Machine

I just spent a week in Paris. One of the joys of continental European bars, besides the deliciously cheap wine, is the ever-present TV burbling in the corner: sometimes showing news or a slightly obscure sport, but most usually blaring out Euro-pop.

As such, I can report that in Paris, is in the fiendish grip of this hopeless cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow; although such was her ubiquity on the TV and radio that my overriding memory of the city is of Katy Perry standing on a balcony and bellowing into the night as her bosom erupts with fireworks.

Now I’m back in the less maddening world of the new band, and what a band to come back to: True Womanhood‘s Minajah is overwhelmingly exciting in a way that blitzes any drab memories of anything, ever.

True Womanhood sent me an email in which the band claimed, variously, to have Stevie Wonder’s personal blessings, to have founded a recent dance craze and that they shunned Ableton jiggery-pokery and crafted the whole song with effects pedals.

I am yearning for the former to be true, but am only truly willing to believe the latter, as this is indeed dance music freed from the iron-clad restrictions of laptop paraphernalia; instead infused with feeling, ruffled with ragged edges, displaying its humanity.

Minajah is  so overwhelmingly dense it swaddles its listeners entirely. Some songs throb, some songs pulse, but this one hums deeply, as if we’re suddenly able to tune into the circadian rhythms of a mysterious machine buried deep in the earth’s crust. It’s not often you find a song as breathlessly enveloping like Minajah: a real thrill-ride, which could only concievably be improved by a live implementation of Katy Perry’s boob-firework-eruption trick. High praise indeed.

MORE: // Photo by Alyssa Lesser

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