Olugbenga: Fingers In Pies and Emancipatory Swirling

Today, we assess the benefits of poking fingers into many pies.

Most new bands only make it onto ANBAD once – today Olugbenga pushes his luck with a third appearance. Intriguingly, he’s achieved this new band multi-faceted hat-trick with the Holy Trinity of the modern artist: as band member, remixer, and individual artist.

So while his previous, ANBAD-endorsed band Akira are now defunct, his remix of Golden Age by ANBAD Band Of 2010 Youthless still stands as a shining example of the craft. And now he is creating his own fluently dizzy pop-nuggets.

Listen to Like An Angel With No Mercy, and you’ll understand the benefits of pushing your skills in as many different directions as your mind will allow. The precise snipping and selection is born from hours in a dark room cobbling together remixes, and the deft song construction hails from life as an actual string-twanging band member.

The build-and-release, however, is all his own – and here Olugbenga steps out of his own shadows, kaleidoscopic, swirling, enveloping. Ultimately and confusingly, the song blossoms into a clobbering yet delicate, lead-heavy/feather-light maelstrom, reeking of emancipation via Four Tet. Excellent.


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