MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 19th January 2011

Let’s cut to the chase: as you can see, Drebin has a Brother CD, and he might use it. The dangers are VAST, the implications HORRIFYING and it’ll sound like MENSWEAR.

The choice is clear – listen to his choice of music and feel your mind slowly give up the will to live, or listen to some new bands pronto – so, quick, wrap your ears around this week’s mixtape, and all will be well.

FIRST! Dylan Fagan‘s song Rubeniste sounds a bit like a Pet Shop Boys B-side circa 1989. This description might rain on any assertions that his music is ‘dream pop’, but it’s meant encouragingly, honest, guv’nor. This kind of straight-faced epically lush pop is very hard to do, but Dylan’s done it with glossy panache. Smooooth:

SECOND! Rubika make the kind of music that hasn’t been fashionable for ages, and this works wholly in their favour. If they sound like North-Eastern Euro-Electro Pop, it’s because that’s exactly what they are. Songs like – yes – Electronic Love are of the superior electro sort: kitsch, cute and cold – which, if you think about it, was how it always was before hipsters hijacked it about five years ago. Ace.

THIRD! The Targets’ website brandishes a Union Jack prominently and their music is buzzy and masculine. If they’re not careful, they’ll get lumped in with Brother. This would be a shame, because their music teems with power-pop buzzsaw rock thrills. Their PR blurb draws lots of comparisons to The Jam, which is a bit cheeky, mind.

FOURTH! DJ Haitus: Just what is DJ Haitus taking a break from? It’s not from writing strangely affecting half-song, half-dance music splicings that on paper shouldn’t work, but in reality stretch out in front of the listener like a long, open road. Nice stuff.

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