MIDWEEK(-ish) MIXTAPE // 27th Jan 2011

ANBAD is taking the week off and dodging the fact that it’s a Landmark Birthday of the sort that leads people to ask if I shouldn’t really be getting a proper job by now.

Don’t be distracted by my existential crisis – Drebin’s holding the new Duran Duran single is only moments away from playing it. The playing of this could only multiply any agonies that any of us may be experiencing right now. Here’s the Midweek Mixtape instead:

FIRST! Sen Segur appear to tick all my boxes: Very young, new band? Check. Recorded EP with ex-member of Gorky’s Zygotic Munki? Check. Welsh Language vocals so I can make up my own meanings? Check. Lovely, soft psyche pop songs? Oh yes. Great stuff.

Sen Segur // Cyfoeth Gwlyb

SECOND! Blondes In Tokyo are a band of whom I’m unsure of collective hair colour or geographic location. However, I do know that they make throbbing monster pop songs like Running Miles, and frankly, that’s all I’m interested in.

THIRD! No Monster Club: making songs like The Last Bottle In The World must be a lot of fun. If it isn’t, then they sure are good at making it sound like it on their scrappy, scruffy, loveable recordings. Rip-roaring fun:

FINALLY! De Staat are, apparently, “Holland’s No.1 act right now”. I’m far too lazy to verify a claim like that, but with such excellent, hypnotically clanky songs as Sweat Shop up their sleeves, I’m inclined to believe it.

NB: ANBAD will be back as usual, a little older, a little wiser, next week.

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