K-X-P: Test Pilots Of The Past, Of The Future!

Faux-nostalgia is all the rage. Chief current exponents are Brother, the new band who, against the explicit wishes of nearly everyone, have managed to discover musical potential in Menswe@r’s most quickly cast-off B-sides.

If their attempts at rekindling the not-so-golden days of the 90’s is destined for defeat, or at least mass mockery, then what of more measured stabs at reliving the past?

K-X-P yearn for the glory days of 1950’s USA, when the future seemed a bright, nuclear-driven frenzy of convenience. They have found the wafer-thin line between the past and the past’s vision of the future – a bold and difficult balance.

Their name makes me bristle with faux-nostalgia for 1950’s test pilot heroes, leaping bravely, cigarette clamped between white teeth, into experimental jet planes with names like – well, just like K-X-P.

Dragging Slo-Motornik drums and the simplest, most endless, of synth stabs in its wake, Pockets throbs with the white light and dry heat of the desert; its epic chord changes mirroring the euphoric washes of adrenal excitement felt as the temperature cranks ever upward.

Seven-minute singles rarely catch the attention, but this one’s a beauty – languid, precise, golden. Ace.

K-X-P are on tour now:
19 Jan LONDON, Lexington
20 Jan DUBLIN, Button Factory
21 Jan KILKENNY, Cleere’s Theatre
22 Jan CORK, Pine Lodge
23 Jan CORK, Crane Lane Theatre
24 Jan GLASGOW, Captains Rest
26 Jan LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club

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