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ANBAD spends most of its time blah-ing about very new bands that make no money from their passion, but who do it in the hope that one day they will. When they do, they’ll make most of it from live ticket sales – the one side of the music industry that actually makes any money now.

Suddenly, tickets sellers are richer than ever – and to keep the swimming pools on their yachts filled with Champagne and Page 3 girls, they need to spot the forthcoming acts that you, the cash-happy public will blow money on. But which new bands will make that leap to profitability?

ANBAD asked Callie Morris, web editor on ticketing website to explain who she anticipated would straddle the thin line between credibility and profitability in 2011.

It’s an interesting read – the choices vary from the genuinely exciting to the more obvious picks, but here you will learn which acts will definitely make the transition from part-timers to social-climbers. And yes, there are lots of plugs for…

Jamie Woon

Jamie Woon has put his own electro-acoustic spin on soul, alternative rock and textured guitar riffs, creating himself his very own cheeky little genre which is all set to dominate in 2011.

After the release of his single ‘Night Air’ in 2010 he began to make his mark on the industry, with two new members both named Dan on bass and drums to add even more depth to his performances.

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James Blake

You will probably most likely know of James Blake due to the immense critical acclaim he received for his version of ‘Limit to Your Love’ by Feist in 2010. This cover with his unique and abstract take on dubstep was named ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by Zane Lowe and just added to the admiration surrounding him by various Radio DJs.

With this extra air-play and his debut self-titled album set for a February release he is definitely one to watch out for in 2011. He will be appearing at the ‘Next Big Thing’ event in London.

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Janelle Monae

Although quirky Janelle Monae has been releasing the odd single for a few years, it is only with the 2010 release of her debut album The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III) that she has really started to cause a stir.

Janelle Monae is undoubtedly going to be huge in 2011. Likened to artists such as OutKast and Funkadelic, her infectious music and performances bursting with attitude and energy have already gained her a massive following of fans.

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Wretch 32

New don of hip hop Wretch 32 has just released his first single ‘Traktor’ and is already seeing widespread recognition for his vast vocal talents. The grime MC and rapper was snapped up by Ministry of Sound records in 2010 and is set to release his debut album later on in 2011.

There’s certainly a lot more to come from Wretch 32, he will be appearing at ‘Next Big Thing’ in February before heading off on an extensive UK tour with Example.

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New US band Mona has been compared to the likes of The Strokes and Kings of Leon. Their attitude on stage and obvious enthusiasm for their performances ensure that they have created their own little place in the industry reeling in the crowds to sell-out gigs.

Security even had to get involved at their debut show in Camden in 2010 after too many people tried to enter the venue – good a proof as any that they are set to go far in 2011… although hopefully at bigger venues.


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