Coyol, Crying and Myspace’s Final Flaccid Twitches

Myspace is finally dead. I know, I know, everyone‘s been saying it for ages. But this time it’s actually true – as a tool for musicians, at least.

Before I waste 100 words of flowery prose on the topic, here’s how yesterday’s excellent band, Tripwires, put it in one succinct tweet:

“that’s the last time i log in to myspace, what the fuck was going on?”

There’s been a push to encourage others to quit Myspace before, but now the astonishingly botched job of redesigning the site has swiftly finished the job in one agonisingly slow-loading, SCRIPT UNRESPONSIVE-laden wet fart of a finale.

Despite the average visit to Myspace being as much fun as a poke in the eye, it’s still the de facto site for bands to host their music. Coyol, unusually – thankfully – sent me a link to their Bandcamp page instead. Wise.

Perhaps I’m getting old, or addled, or both, but music is having strange effects on me recently. For some reason a lump in my throat appeared whilst listening to, er, Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack  – and the same thing happened again during Take Me Home, a song hanging upon bare emotion and drenched in longing.

The song has only a handful of words to its credit, yet needs no more to twist the knife that you suddenly realise is piercing your heart somewhere during the song’s most swelling, touching, rousing moments.

Coyol are a tear-strewn joy. And their web page loads instantly, so you can get to the sobbing that much faster. Perfect.

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