ANBAD’s Best Band Of 2010: Youthless // INTERVIEW

Isn’t it nice to be nice? Isn’t it nice to find out your favourite band of 2010 is nice?

Thus, prepare to feel appropriately festive as you are smothered with pleasantries in this exclusive, nice, and exclusively nice, interview with ANBAD’s Band of 2010, Youthless.

To prove that they are such good sports, they answered all of my overwhelmingly facile questions with good grace, a sense of humour and with stories about nearly upending whole buses…

Youthless, you’re ANBAD’s favourite band of 2010. How has 2010 been for you?

Alex: 2010 has been excellent! Gig-wise my highlights have been: Opening for Crystal Castles and The Horrors in the Lisbon Coliseum, playing on a moving bus for the Super Bock em Stock festival (we actually had crowd surfing inside the bus and people were shaking the bus so hard it had to stop at one point because the two front wheels were bouncing off the ground!) and playing dressed as Mario and Luigi for a 90’s retro party.

As an overall experience, In The City in Manchester was definitely one of my year’s  favorites just cause of the general lovely vibe and getting to see great bands at the funnest point in their career, when they’re just starting out and are still full of energy and optimism… you know – before the weight of the world has crushed their spirits and turned them into jaded gluttonous rock stars.

Sab: 2010 has been a great year for us as a band and 2011 will be even better hopefully. I would have to say one of the highlights was a show down in the Algarve, Faro. After sound check a huge storm hit the area wetting all our equipment, but by the time we got on stage it had dried up and it was a great show.

What were your aims at the beginning of 2010? Did you achieve them?

Alex: We wanted to make it out of Portugal and we released our first single in the UK through the lovely and amazing One Bird label, so we’re very excited about that. We’re playing Eurosonic and some other shows in Holland next month and releasing some more songs in the UK through One Bird so i think we’ve gotten things started in the rest of Europe.

I also wanted to sing a song hanging upside down, which I got to do a little of in our Super Bock show, so that feels like an achievement.

Sab: My main goal for us was to play tighter and become better musicians and the rest will come. Next goal is to learn to play tight while super drunk.

How have the audiences reacted to you?

Sab: Audiences have been pretty fantastic across the board. We were surprised to see UK audiences react so well, we always thought it might be harder to impress people in the UK cause of the high standard of bands, but the truth is that they are even more ready to wild out.

Alex:  I think anywhere with cheap booze is a good place to play. The  drunker people are the more likely they are to break things, jump on each other and get naked.

Which bands have caught your eyes/ears this year?

Alex: I was most impressed by a band I saw and met at ITC that was bouncing between names… at first they were called Youth and then Books, but they were about to change their name again when we left. I don’t really know how to find them now but they were one of the best things I’ve seen in a while, and very cool guys.

Crystal Castles gave a great show and Wavves was a lot of fun in Lisbon. Thunder and Lightning in NYC have just started out but I’ve heard their unreleased record and it’s phenomenal, as is Warm Brains (Rory Attwell’s solo project in London).

Sab: We played a few shows in London with a band called Man Flu who have a very cool sound. I also really like the new Eels album and a show I saw of theirs this year, very humble and real.

What have you learnt that you wish you’d known in January 2010?
Alex: Never mosh with a cell phone in your pocket and, when on tour, never leave your passport and all your money in a nondescript backpack, backstage. And never drink a whole shoulder of Jack Daniels before going into a Nando’s.

Sab: Fast bass solos and bass tapping. Guitar Hero, that shit actually helps.

What was your preferred indulgence of 2010?

Alex: Whisky.

Sab: Guitar Hero, and I’ve finally learnt to appreciate whisky on its own without ice. My girlfriend gave me a metal flask to carry it around and take little sips.

Any pleasant surprises?

Alex: Sab got a cat.

Sab: I got a cat.

Anything that you wish hadn’t happened?

Sab: More like what did I wish would happen and didn’t. Our concert in the Açores was moved to 2011.

Alex: Yeah, I was excited to go there too. They say that place is the real life Atlantis.

Can you sum up 2010 in one word?

Sab: Keoooooo

Alex: Wohoooo

FINALLY – what’s your one wish for next year?

Alex: Free green renewable energy for everyone.

Sab: I can´t tell you or else it won’t happen.

Youthless’ Facebook // // Photograph by Anka Anthon

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