The Facts and Figures – Manfully, Involuntarily, Succeeding

There are days at ANBAD Towers where the air is turned first blue, and then brown, due to the scatological nature of the swearwords projected darkly at the computer monitor.

It’s usually down to it being One Of Those Days, where finding a suitable new band seems entirely, and unusually, impossible.  The cycle of frustration goes thus:

1) Minor confusion as to why a good band hasn’t appeared yet

2) Grumbling ‘there’s no good guitar bands now’

3) Vulgarities spat out loud

4) Listen to Pixies for 10 minutes to ‘prove’ point 2

5) Find good guitar band after all

6) Intense shame

Today was one of those days. Apologies are clearly due to The Facts and Figures; not only did I involuntarily hold them up in comparison to the best guitar band of the late 80’s/early 90’s, but I have foisted responsibility onto them to prove that their chosen instruments are still valid.

Manfully, they succeed: The Internet starts seasonally with a winter-crisp shuffle, and lurches woozily into a boozy, happy song that is warm, simple and satisfying. The Facts and Figures are a band with a knack for an tune and who know how to find the elusive finger-snapping qualities that The Internet sports proudly.

As such, the song ends abruptly, possibly in order to cajole the listener into listening to it immediately again, or possibly because the band were having such fun they didn’t – couldn’t – know how to stop. And why should they?

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